June 9, 2009

Oral fixation .....

I have an oral fixation.
I used to smoke.
I used to *smoke*.
I quit them both.
I still have an oral fixation.
Butt .... since I no longer smoke or *smoke*
I'll just share one of my "other" favorite
Oral Fixations.

Ode to a Blowjob

I kiss you soft on your warm mouth,
then work my way... heading south.
Across a forest of soft chest hair,
to beyond, and what awaits me there.
Your cock begins to stir and twitch,
"Please, oh please, my sweet lil' bitch".
My tongue is wet, my mouth is warm,
doing that for which they're born.
I lick your hardness with my lips,
quickly within, your cock slips..
You groan as I begin to suck,
anticipating the coming fuck.
My mouth and hands move with sensual motion,
pushing you further into the the orgasmic ocean.
It won't be long, this I know,
I can feel your cock is ready to blow.
Bigger, harder, starting to throb,
pulsing as my tongue flicks the knob.
Knowing that before I'm done,
you'll fill my throat with your sweet cum...

Ode to a Blowjob, II .... the 2nd Coming

She holds his cock in her vice like grip
Milking it fast, not letting a drop slip
She licks and slurps in sheer ecstasy
Her eyes all sparkling, glowing and lusty

He grunts and groans as her tongue slides
Cleaning his cock in one swift glide.
His knees start to shake from the immense pleasure
Of the orgasm he felt? Too massive to measure.

He stares as she slips his cock through her lips
Using her tongue like a velvety whip.
Entranced, his cock begins to stir
A few minutes more and his head is a whir

Rhythmical movement brings him to the edge
Again he explodes, fireworks in his head
She slurps and she suckles with sheer delight
Done for now, at least for tonight.

I posted this back in 2007, but since I have new readers, I figured i'd share it with y'all.
So, if you're reading them again ... I apologize.
If you're reading them for the first time, enjoy .....


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