March 23, 2005

Love & Marriage

I had another one of "those" discussions at the Island of Misfit Toys (work) the other day. You know, the one that starts, "So, when are you getting married?"

*giggling* "Is Christ walking the earth again? Does the Pope know?"

I'm sorry. I'm sure marriage is wonderful ... for YOU! I can't say that I'm anxious to repeat THAT particular experience. I always get the same look of incredulousness when I answer, "NEVER!" Inevitably, I then get the next response, (the one that REALLY pisses me off and sets me ranting about for the rest of the day) "well, what about the baby?" Well, what ABOUT the baby? He was conceived without benefit of marriage, why should I now get married to give birth? Will I be unable to birth him properly if I'm not married? Will he have some horrible disfigurement because i'm not married? Is he the anti-christ???? He is isn't he. OMFG, get me down that aisle quick; HONEY ..... I'm carrying Damien, you know, the F'ING ANTI-CHRIST .... WE MUST MARRY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The "Girls" TOLD me that having a baby out of wedlock is WRONG, and that marriages for "the sake of the child" are THE BEST!!!!

Ok, sorry to cut this blog short folks, but I NEED to wake the Common Law NOW and tell him how imperative it is that we marry ASAP. I mean, we can't be responsible for bringing the anti-christ into the world, can we???????

BTW, you're ALL invited to the "Blessed Nuptials" ...... gifts and money are perfectly acceptable, and ALWAYS appreciated ....


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