October 19, 2005

It's all about ME, ME, ME, ME, ME

..... and not about YOU!
Well, it is.

I have seen this meme ALL over blogville and decided to see what interesting/funny/insightful responses I would get.

Just type "YOUR NAME needs" into Google and see what comes up!


Blazngfyre needs to have her needs met. I am a needy bitch aren't I?

Blazngfyre needs a response. Um, hurry up, I don't have all fucking day!

Blazngfyre needs a man. I let him think I need him, but really, he needs ME.

Blazngfyre needs two cents more to buy ice cream. C'mon, help a sista out!!!

Blazngfyre needs her own space right now. I have one. Inside my head. Quite roomy.

Blazngfyre needs to be kicked in the face multiple times. I don't fucking think so!

Blazngfyre needs an assessment by a dementia specialist. Who told?????(fukkers)

Blazngfyre needs to get a laugh every 10 minutes or she gets nervous. 9mins 58 sec .....

Blazngfyre has issues. ME???? Issues???? NOOOOOO!!!!!

Blazngfyre needs to be re-evaluated and re-discovered. Hmmm .... I like this one.

Blazngfyre needs to fuck. Oooh, THERE'S a shocker! Hell fucking yeah I do!
Preferably NOW ....


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