November 7, 2005

Help ....

I have a secret.

I'm an addict.

Shhhh .... don't tell anyone.

Fantasy Football.
It's my addiction.
I love it.
I hate it.
I can't LIVE without it.

I've never written about it because, quite frankly, I'm a greedy bitch.
I never felt the need to share my love (obsession) of football.
I've been playing for about 12 years now.
I can't stop.
It's not my fault.
It seduces me.
Every year I say, "no more!"
But come the football draft, I start salivating.
I watch, eagerly.
I start doing research.
By July, I can barely contain myself.
August just teases me unmercifully.

Then .....

I'm usually right in the top 5.
This year, I was #2 for awhile.

But then .......
My runningbacks got hurt.
So did my wide receiver.
There's SHIT on the waiver wire.
The other asshats I play with won't trade.
Or they propose PREPOSTEROUS trades.
Don't get me wrong, I ADORE the asshats I play with.
I've been in this same league for 7 years.
We "know" eachother; well.

But, my season, my BEAUTIFUL football season is crashing down around me.
I'm trying, but I can't stop the bloodletting.
HELP ME!!!!!
For the love of Johnny U. and all the other GODS that have roamed the gridiron
over the years, HELP ME!!!!!
Oh football, WHY do you taunt me?
Why do you make me love you so?
Why, oh why, do you make my carefully hand selected team turn into a big pile
of unproductive, injured SHIT????????
Why have I spent hours and hours looking at stats, depth charts, injury reports and various other data to compile a roster week after agonizing week?????
Why ..... ????

My name is Blazngfyre ....... I am a Fantasy Football addict.


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