November 8, 2005

Two Drunken Moose Invade Home for Elderly

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - They rarely have problems with drunks or rowdy animals, but residents of an elderly home in southern Sweden had to deal with both when a pair of intoxicated moose invaded the premises.

The moose — a cow and her calf — had become drunk over the weekend by eating fermented apples they found outside the home in Sibbhult, southern Sweden, said Anna Karlsson, who works there.

Police managed to scare them off once, but the large mammals returned to get more of the tempting fruits. This time the moose were drunk and aggressive, forcing police to send for a hunter with a dog to make them leave.

Police did not pursue the culprits, but made sure all apples were picked up from the area, local police chief Bengt Hallberg said. No one was hurt.

Now that I have your attention .....

I really don't have much to say.
I just wanted to share the story.
The headline made me snort coffee out of my nose.
It did.

Can you imagine having to call THAT into dispatch???
"I am in the presence of 2 Moose (meese?) that APPEAR to be intoxicated".
Can you even give them a breathalyzer????
How does one KNOW the moose (meese) are drunk?
Can they "smell it" on their breath??
Can Momma moose be charged with endangering the welfare of a minor???
Illegally supplying a minor with alcohol????

So many questions ......


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