November 9, 2005

I have a bug up my butt ...

I woke up on the WRONG side of the remote control this morning.
After flipping channel after channel after channel, I wanted to hurl my TV out the
back door.

I can no longer watch or listen to any drivel that pertains to either event:

1. Media assclowns using phrases like "dead of night" when describing the deadly tornadoes that ripped through Indiana and Kentucky.
Um ..... find a fucking THESAURUS you insensitive, moronic, shit-for brains!

2. Seeing, hearing, or otherwise having to endure MORE of Tired Of.
Christ on a cupcake, all you had to was apologize.
But you, in all your infinite wisdom (and some BAD advice from fucktard Drew Rosenhaus), thought you were "bigger & better" than the game.
Well FUCKTARD, you are, quite simply, Talked Out!!!!
Out of Philly, and (Bob willing), out of football.

Buh-bye now ....


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