December 6, 2005

10 totally titillating tidbits

The gorgeous, intelligent, talented, funny, sizzlin' Sex Goddess, HOTT-T has tagged me.
Because I'm a LAME-ASS poster of late.

I'll play along, but only because this lady is soooooo smokin HOTT, she's IMPOSSIBLE to resist.
(Like I'd really want to anyway!)
If you haven't already, y'all should go check her out.
Go on, i'll wait.

Told ya.
Ok, here are ten random/weird facts about me that I'm sure you really could give a dog's left nut about. (Why the left one????? Just cuz .....)

1. I was a majorette (baton twirler) for 10 years. I twirled 1, 2, hoop & fire baton.
2. I was on rifle team in high school.
3. A psychologist told me I suffered from "penis envy" because of #'s 1 &2.
4. I took my drivers license test in the dead of winter, in a snowstorm, with icy roads. I passed.
5. I didn't get my REAL drivers license till I was almost 20. Never felt the 'need' to drive legal, and only did so when I tried to buy a car.
6. Am the only one in my family to not be arrested ... ever. Should have been on MANY occasions, but I'm a quick talker ..... *wink, wink*
7. Got suspended from school in 7th grade for beating the ever lovin shit out of some guy. He called me a whore when I refused to go out with him.
8. Bought my first 'toy' at 16. Illegally.
9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pink Flamingoes (Shut up)
10. I tend to be loud, obnoxious and giggly when i'm nervous

Ok, enough about ME.
Now I want to hear random titillating (LOVE that word!) tidbits about:
The Outlaw

I did my duty.
Enjoy ......


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