November 15, 2005

Whaaaaaa ??????

I'm walking through Borders today, and I come across this:
Romancing Your Husband.

239 pages of 'helpful tidbits' on how to romance my man.

Ahhh ..... Debra White Smith. I could have saved you the trouble of writing so much!
Your heart is in the right place, but your thinking like a CHICK.

THIS is how to "romance your husband":
  1. Be naked as often as possible
  2. Suck his cock ...... ALOT!!!! (Anywhere and everywhere)
  3. Cook for him, naked
  4. Fix him his favorite beverage and serve it to him, naked.
As long as your naked, and you're doing something TO him or FOR him, he's happy.
He feels wanted.

If you REALLY want to write a book that women NEED, and will pay good money for, may I suggest:
"How to get your Husband to pick up his dirty clothes and clean up after himself".

Now THAT'S a bestseller.


At 11/16/05, 11:21 AM , Blogger Zelda said...

Hell yeah! Cocksucking gets you places.

At 11/16/05, 8:01 PM , Blogger AlliCadem said...

I wish it were appropriate to brag how much I suck my husband off. I think people would be impressed and men would be jealous.

At 11/17/05, 2:17 PM , Blogger Chuck said...

Ah yes, so true....so true...

At 11/17/05, 3:45 PM , Blogger Horsn said...

Very funny post. Well done.


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