November 21, 2005

Short & sweet ....

Mornin' boys & girls!!!

Since I've got like a GAJILLION things to do today, I am posting just a few things I heard, read and saw over the weekend.

1. "Religion is for people trying to avoid going to hell; Spirituality is for people who have already been there".

2. Radical feminists & the "P.C. Police" want to take the MEN out of women and spell it WOMYN. (???)

3. Heidi Fleiss wants to open a 'brothel' catering to women (or it Womyn now?).

4. Smelly "corpse" plant is in full bloom.

Discuss amongst yourselves, leave me a witty comment (any comment will do) or 2 and have a FANTABULOUS Monotonous Monday!!!


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