May 17, 2006

Today's post is brought you by the letter "B"

I volunteered for this tag from s! on Monday.
LAST Monday.

It's now Wednesday evening ....
Can you say lazy ass slacker??????
I knew you could!


So ................
this is how it works: in your comment to this post, ask for a letter, which I will give you as a reply to your comment. Then, write ten words beginning with that letter, and explain the story or meaning or relevance of those words to you. Let's have some fun!!!

Since it's taken me a coupla days to get my shit together, I think i'll start with:

1. BITE ME!!!! (Seriously ...... I like a good nibble every now & again.)
2. BOOBAGE: What's not to love????
3. BUFFALO: The weather, economy and taxes all suck ginormous Buffalo balls, but WTF????? The home of the ORIGINAL Buffalo Wings, some kick-ass, CHEAP bars, beef-on-weck, Candian Ballet (also where the weed is LEGAL), but the best part of Buffalo????? THE BUFFALO BILLS BABY!!!!!!
4. BLOWJOBS: Again, what's not to love? Do I REALLY need to explain?????
5. BACARDI SELECT: Don't be concerned Mon Capitain .... my love for you still takes precedence, but sometimes, you just need "strange" .... know what I mean?
6. BRAINS: I have one, AND I know how to use it ....
7. BEEF: It's what's for dinner. I LOVE a good piece of meat! *giggle*
To me, there is nothing better than curling up under a blanket, sliding my hands down to my mans nether-area, cupping the boys, rolling them around, lightly scratching and massaging them ..... *SIGH*
9. BRAZEN: It means the same damn thing as shameless, and I am.
10. BITCH: It's my name, who I am, and what i'm about ...... Blazn Bitch.


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