August 22, 2006

Green Acres is the place to be ......

Hidey ho there fellow bloggers!
Long time no write.

As some of you may or may not know, me and The Boys have pulled stakes and moved .... AGAIN.
I know.
Moving is more painful to me than a root canal.
It is.
We moved about a month or so ago, and you almost wouldn't know it.
My house is STILL a war zone.
I live with 3 men ..... any other brilliant questions?!
Thought not.
Anywho .... I went from a lovely view of a lake (pond) to what I consider a more spectacular view .... a horse ranch.
Honest, it's right across the street. I'll provide some pics as soon as I can locate the motherhumping camera.
It's been an "experience" to say the least.
I thought I would be relegated to DIAL-UP internet service, but no .... they FINALLY have DSL out here in bumfucktown (which, by the way, is southeast of Nowhere in Particular), and as you can plainly see .... I have DSL.
However, there is NO CABLE.
I'm dying here!
Yes, yes .... dish.
Guess what? I live in FLORIDA.
The weather here is not so good for dish. We have many, many storms.
So ...... I have been living with broadcast television, and I must say .... it blows.
Not in a good way either.
I am in total ESPN withdrawal. Not to mention ya know, BASIC cable channels ... TNT, TBS, Food Network, Comedy Central, etc.
How can I get through football season without it?????
Help .....

I digress.
So, um, yeah ...... I'm still alive.
Didja miss me?????
Come on, tell me how much .... I'm a SUCKER for that shit.
I am.


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