September 21, 2006

Reason #1286 Wal-Mart SUCKS DONKEY BALLZ!!!!

So here I am, living out in the middle of nofuckingwhere, and all I want is a part-time gig to bring a little extra $$ into the house.
I've been a stay-home Mommy for over a year now, and I have FINALLY gotten used to it, and have found that I REALLY enjoy it.
Being an Office Goddess again doesn't appeal to me ... they all want full-time days.
I want part-time .... nights.
Anywho, I have a Wally World right around the corner from me, so I figured, "Fabulous! They ALWAYS need part-timers, and I can work a flexible schedule!".
I was all kinds of excited!
Log into their online application site, fill out my info, take the required assessment.
Bada-bing, bada-bam!
"We're sorry, but you have failed the assessment section of the application. You will be eligible to re-take the assessment after November 18, 2006. Thank you."
I did WHAT??????
I FAILED your idiotic "assessment" of MY character???
Do y'all KNOW who you just FAILED???????
I have managed a few companies, worked for the Federal Government, a Bank, a couple of Fire and Police agencies in 2 states, oh yeah, and I co-owned my own business.
I'm a graduate of DISNEY U for fucks sake!
Yet, Wal-Mart doesn't deem ME "worthy"to work for them?!
I know i'm taking this a bit personal, but c'mon .... it's WAL-MART!!!!!!!!!
For instance, last week I went to the electronics dep't and asked a sales clerk for a NIC card.
My SIL needed one, and since I was there, thought I'd pick one up for her.
Anyway, the clerk looked at me like I was speaking Klingon.
"What?" was his oh-so-intelligent response.
I understand, not everyone understands the TLA (three letter acronym), so quite nicely, I said, "I'm sorry, I need a Network Interface Card".
One .... two .... three ..... four ..... five ......
"um .... what's it for???"
Ok, maybe this guy has lived under a rock for the last decade or more.
"It's for a computer".
Along comes electronics dep't manager ......
"Hey, Suzy Sunshine, do we have NIC cards?"
HER - "What are those??"
"They're for a computer." I repeat.
"We don't sell those".
"Really? My husband just called a little bit ago and was told you had them in stock. I think he talked to you.".
"OH!!!! The computer thingy!"
Thingy?????? Oh christ .....
"um ... yeah".
"What did you call it? A NIC card??? What does that stand for?".
"Network Interface Card. It allows computers to communicate over a computer network"
"Wow ... I'll have to remember that. I've never heard of them".

But, I apparently, am not smart enough for Sam Walton & Crew.
Well Sam, fuck you and your lower prices too.


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