March 16, 2007

Observations and conversation

Well, since I have yet to post ANYTHING this week, I figured i'd give y'all a glimpse into my week.

Things I've seen:

~ a British couple on holiday dancing TOGETHER whilst waiting in line at the pharmacy.

~ A group of daycare children being led down a backstreet in my small town in an impromptu dress-up parade ... all under the watchful eyes of 2 local police officers.

~ A group of developmentally challenged men and women being led around the front meadow on the backs of horses belonging to the horse farm across from my house.

The best conversation I had this week?

The Common Law telling me he's NOT at risk for a heart attack or stroke.

The worst conversation this week?

Being asked by my son's science teacher why I didn't 'bother' to sign the paper he sent home letting me know my son didn't complete his project.

I never saw the paper.

My son LIED to me AND his teacher.


He'll be lucky if he sees daylight again .... EVER!


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