March 5, 2007

Whammered Hale Shit ....

That's what I feel like.
Kinda look like that too.

Moving on.

Like everyone else in the world, I go through my moods.
Some days i'm a social butterfly and life of the party!!!
Other days?
Not so much.
Lately, I have been very introspective.
Trying to figure out me.
Nothing monumental.
Just trying to get back to the art of living.
I haven't done much of that in the past couple of years.
I have grieved harder and longer for the loss of my brother than
even I expected.
The fresh loss has re-opened old family wounds that I had hoped were long since healed over.
I was so wrong.
The difference is, now we're ALL adults trying to deal with issues that are almost 30 freakin years old.
Which, by the way, is ridiculous.
ADULTS acting like children.
Bullshit is bullshit no matter how old you are.
Of course, 0nce one wound is ripped open, other "things" that happened within the same time frame were bound to burst their fleshly seams and ooze their infectious goo as well.
More bullshit.

I'd get into it, but ........... Why?
No reason to.
I'm handling it.

Besides, I truly do feel whammered hale shit.


At 3/6/07, 1:20 AM , Blogger Shaz said...

Sounds like we actually do have a bit in common mate. Take care of you.
I do get it and those frustrations really suck.
There are no easy answers hey (that sux worse)



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