April 25, 2007

I got rhythm ....

Have you ever had a lover that had a style of fucking that made you think to yourself, "what the ..... ????"

I have.
He was quite passionate, and when he took me in his arms ......
The world melted away.
He was absolutely phenomenal when it came to foreplay.
Ok, maybe not so much when it came to oral.
But hey? Every man "thinks" he's good at it. (giggle)
He was pretty in tune with my body, and when he wasn't?
Well, i'm not shy about asking for what I like.

However, when it came down to the actual penetration portion of our sexual experience ???
Well ......
Um ...

It was odd.
Not his cock, no, that was nice .... a bit on the shorter side, but VERY girthy.
No, it was his rhythm.

fast fast fast, slow slow slow slow, fast fast fast, twist hips in a circular motion clockwise 3 times, counter-clockwise twice, then pull out for a second or 10 to "catch breath", the repeat SAME EXACT CYCLE!

When it was time to come (for him), he stayed in the counter clockwise hip circle movement and let her rip.

I'm not sure if he thought that this particular rhythm was good for me, but I assure you, it wasn't.
We tried different positions ... but the rhythm was ALWAYS the same.
I did try to talk to him about changing his particular style,
but ...
He learned that "trick" from some porn, and since the girl in the video went apeshit and batty for it, he figured that it MUST make "real" women do the same.


We didn't fuck much after THAT.

Why am I bringing it up today?


At 4/25/07, 9:14 PM , Blogger afuntanilla said...

a great read..


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