February 6, 2008

Can I get an AMEN?!

Sometimes (more often than not), I truly wonder how some businesses operate.
In my last position, it was glaringly obvious that the owner had no idea how to run a business. Hell, he didn't even know what a business plan is! I had my warnings early, I just choose to ride it out.
However, on Saturday, I was scheduled to work my 2nd job, the part-time concessions and beer girl. I wasn't told what the event was, and had I known beforehand, may not have accepted.
It was a Christian gathering entitled "The Call".
It was a 12 hour prayer, worship and song filled praise to God.
I have no problem with any of that, as long as no one tried to "save me".
What the big brains at corporate DIDN'T tell us was that this was a 12 hour FASTING prayer, worship and song filled praise to God.
Here I was standing outside at a grill cooking hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages and chicken.
I was the evil SATAN.
I was even told that.

Now, how idiotic is it that big brains not only had me and 5 others outside working a grill, but they also had all four concession stands inside opened and cooking as normal!

Wasted food.
Wasted time.
Wasted money.



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