February 28, 2008

What's that you say?

I haven't written a REAL post in forfuckingever?
Well, you'd be correct.
I haven't.
I haven't been in the mood, nor have I had much to say.
I know, ME not having much to say .... hard to believe, eh?!

Anywhoodle .... I'm in the "mood" today.
Enjoy it while it lasts.

Now, we all know that I was 'released' from my shitty job back in January, but what y'all don't know is that I have been doing work for them.
Under the table.
On the sly.
WHY? You may be asking yourself, and it IS a valid question.
I only wish I had a valid reason other than I'm a fucktard.
Seriously, my boss (EX-boss, that is) is a total moron ... no business sense AT ALL,
and I feel sorry for his wife when she calls me and asks me to help her make sense
of it all, because, as sweet as she is, she has no business sense either.
Honest to god, not a working brain cell between them.
So, I take pity on them and go clean up the vast piles of shit.
THEY let ME go,
THEY made ME work in a toaster oven,
THEY fucked up THEIR business.
So I ask you, who's the bigger fucktard?
Yes, that would be ME.

While this has been going on, I have been sending out resumes and filling out online applications like a mad woman. Think i've heard anything?
Crickets people.
Fucking crickets!
But don't feel bad.
I also put in an application at my local City Hall to go back into the Comm Center as
an E-9-1-1 Telecommunications Operator.
Yep .... I did it.
I haven't worked as a 9-1-1 gal in 8 years .... but it's time.
I really DO miss it.
So far, it's looking REAL good.
So good in fact that I may as well just say now that I have the job.
I've passed the fingerprinting and background checks, I passed the 3-hour multi-tasking test they gave me (I got a 98 on it too!), I passed the gauntlet style interview AND the one on one with the Chief of Police, and yesterday I had my drug screen and physical.
Other than having to look at the evil number on the scale, all is well with me, physically.
As for the drug screen, well, I haven't done anything harder than allergy meds for awhile now, so i'm good there too.
It looks good .... it looks REAL good!
I didn't want to say anything till it was a definite .... I didn't want to jinx it.
But this is close enough.
Besides, if I can't tell a few close friends, then who can I tell?!
Just don't tell the rest of Blogland, k?!

Back into dispatch .... wow.
This should be interesting.
I live in Cow country now .... much different than what I've done previously, yet, still the same.
The biggest difference with this dispatch is that i'll be doing both police & fire.
previously, I have either worked Police or Fire.
Should be fun!

Wish me luck .....


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