March 12, 2008

Same shit, different year ....

After now completing my first week back on shift, I can say with all honesty that some things never change .... and that's people.
It hasn't been too bad, although the other night we were slammed HARD with calls ... and not just BS ones either .... a couple high priority medical calls, an officer involved traffic accident with injuries, a couple burglaries in progress and the icing on the cake, a fight involving weapons.

So much for small town life.

Variety IS the spice of life ...

For myself, i'm still trying to get used to mids, ad well, i'm not as young as I used to be, so it's been a bit rough. The Common Law has been amazing about making sure the boys don't bother me so I can get my rest, and really, the boys have been pretty good too. That is helping me in my adjustment, and I am ever so thankful.

I wish I had some wackiness to share with you, but there hasn't really been anything noteworthy to share ..... just the usual crazies.

Thanks for all your lovely wishes and support ..... it does mean a lot to me!


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