November 16, 2009

Scent of a man ....

In the darkness I reach for you and you’re not there.
But your scent lingers on me.
Enveloping my nakedness and wrapping around me like a blanket.
I see your face in my dream awake state, and your mischievous smile.
Your twinkling green eyes turn dark with desire as you reach for me.
The sweet, yet musky essence of you fills my nostrils as you move over me.
You kiss my eager lips deeply, sucking on the lower one and nibbling gently.
I breathe in and am filled with the aroma of your lust.

You move down to my neck and bite the soft flesh right by my earlobes.
Your hands squeeze my breasts and your fingers pinch my nipples, hard.
Slowly, you make your way down through the valley between my breasts,
over my belly, down to the juncture where our love and passion meet.
Everywhere you have touched you have left your aura.
I open my eyes expecting to find you between my legs, gazing up at me.
Eyes all ablaze, filled with your fiery passion and lust.
The corner of your mouth turned up in a wicked grin.
Ready to partake of what I give to you willingly.
But you’re not there.
I close my eyes, take a deep breath and am again filled with the unmistakable scent of you.


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At 8/30/10, 9:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i loved it.. simply loved it..
felt like it was my thoughts turned text.. only sexier..


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