November 3, 2009

Black Silk

A bind of black silk
across closed eyes

speaking softly
as if to reassure
you touch my hand
bring it's satiny touch
to your lips and kiss

my lips quiver
then are bitten
as if to hold back
thoughts I cannot convey

strong hands open my gown
warm like the fire
against fullness of breast
unfamiliar, yet just as you dreamed
on those nights when
unfulfilled desires kept you awake
when the world was still

my breath quickens at your touch
as the gown gives way
silently to the floor

too long to wait
moons went to sliver
to full, to new, to just a smile
too many times
as I wondered if the winds of fortune
would bring us together
only fitting she is in orange glory
on this fated night

"My Queen," you whisper
gentle hands on shoulders
push you to your knees
fingers entwine in your hair
my pussy all dewy
you feel my heat
you breathe in my desire
I pull you to my lips,
your mouth parting them
moist tongue invading a void
turning fantasy into reality
turning a Queen into a willing slave


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