June 16, 2011

Through the Camera lens .....

Try to ignore me.
Can you?
I'm already in your head.

We share small talk of our day, of things that are important,
but nothing earth shattering.

Are you trying to avoid the obvious?

I see the struggle in your head reflected in your eyes.
The same eyes that are are unconsciously drawn to my exposed flesh.
They continue to wander over the rest of my body.
Mentally marking places of interest.
Seeking out a new favorite sweet spot perhaps?
Slowly, I lean in.
I give just enough peek-a-boo to further intrigue you.

Intimacy without touch.
Longing without intentional satisfaction.
It's ok.
Look at me.
Fantasize about me.
Crave me.

As I crave you .

Tonight, when you're lying in bed .... 
Have your way with me.
Lick me,
bite me,
tease me,
bring me to the edge,
and then, take me further.
Then, when you feel like your body can take no more ....

Everything that you've allowed your imagination to see ....
Everything that you've felt ....
Everything that you've tasted ....
Soon it will be all yours.
The satisfaction even more intensified  when we are flesh on flesh.

It always is.


At 6/16/11, 12:43 AM , Blogger Buffalo said...

Yazza, yazza!

At 6/16/11, 10:10 AM , Blogger Heff said...


At 6/17/11, 12:35 AM , Blogger Boxer said...

er, does anyone have a light?

At 6/18/11, 10:58 AM , Blogger Walker said...

OOOO i'm here just in time for breakfast

At 6/19/11, 10:46 PM , Blogger TAG said...

Fabulous. :D


At 6/24/11, 1:14 PM , Blogger morningstar said...

wonderful !

(and as usual I am a day late and a dollar short sigh)


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