March 31, 2005

Welcome BACK to the Dark Ages

I have issues people, some SERIOUS issues. I think my biggest issue is someone trying to take away MY FUCKING RIGHTS! Stumbling through cyber hell at 5 am, I came across this lovely piece of shit .

A Pharmacist is going to tell ME that I can't have my PRESCRIBED birth control pills because he/she doesn't believe it to be morally or ethically right?????? HOLY FUCKAMOLY!

Wisconsin is one of eleven states considering legislation making it legal for a pharmacist, or pharmacy chains to DECIDE FOR YOU whether or not you can have a medication. Let me repeat that again, making it legal for a pharmacist , or pharmacy chains to DECIDE FOR YOU whether or not you can have a medication. Four states already do!

Am I the only one who has a problem with this? I know the article talks about birth control and the morning after pill specifically, but where does the insanity end? What about the people on HIV medications, will they too be refused? And how about medication to treat venereal disease? Anti-depressants? Ritalin? Viagara? Christ, I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

My access to pharmaceuticals now depends on someone else's view of right and wrong, and I just have to "deal" with it? Well I'm sorry, but i'm not about to bend over and "take one for the team" just because some zealous fucknut feels morally justifiable in denying me a prescription for something that is none of their business to begin with.


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