August 27, 2005

Random shit ...

TO ME!!!!!!

Technically, my birthday was YESTERDAY, but I didn't have a chance to post as my Snookums LoveChunk'ems took me and the boys out.
To make the day even better, he called a bunch friends and family and had them meet us at the restaurant, as a SURPRISE!
That man of mine may make me crazy (he does), and he might irritate the bejeesus outta me (he does), but this time, he GOT ME!
See, he made all these arrangements while we were in the midst of rather heated 'discussion'. It sucks trying to do something nice for someone you love, but don't really like at that particular moment.

Give the knuckle dragger a shout for being such a good anthropoid ape!
Love You Baby! *smooches*


In other news ..... I may be taking a bit of a hiatus from the blog world for a bit.
I may be sent off to Louisianna or Mississippi to help after Katrina gets done kicking the
shit out of 'em!
I worked for the Government last year for our hurricanes, and they're gonna need help, so I called
the Area Office and let them know I'm ready to go if they need me.
They sure were sure glad to hear from me!!! My name is on a list, and I have been on the phone a few
times with them already today. If I do get called, I'll have to pack up and leave for wherever they set up shop
in 24 hours.
I will keep ya'll posted!


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