August 18, 2005

It's Thursday, so it MUST be time to get NEKKID!

Good morning all you Nekkid and 1/2 Nekkid people in Blogville!

I tried to find a pic or a prop to continue along with my Fireman theme i've been on, but sadly,
I got nothing.

So, I did the next best thing and decided to share more of my tatas. YEAH TATAS!!!!!!
I love tatas, have I mentioned that?
I really love MY tatas, although, gravity IS taking it's toll!
(Go fuck yourself Newton! Prick Bastard!)

Man do I have a shit-ton of freckles!
Anyone care to play connect-the-dots? Never mind, it would take too damn long!

Oh yea, how do you like my totally hot red polka dot w/flower flip-flop necklace????
(Love it as I do, or fuck off!)
I love the color red, have I mentioned that?
Red hair, red flip-flops, red bras, red nail polish .......

RED RED RED RED RED RED RED RED RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy hell, I seem to have gone off on some kind of whacked out tangent.
Fuck, it is way too motherhumping early for this shit!

Enjoy the boobage, and hey, get Nekkid already!

*Side note*
Today, exactly six months ago, I wrote my very first blog entry!!!!
It's my 6 month anniversary!!!!
Congratulate me now fuckers!


At 8/18/05, 7:18 AM , Blogger Skinny Dip said...

HOT, HOT, HOT Tatas. Great pic. Happy HNT !

At 8/18/05, 9:34 AM , Blogger aughra said...

very nice tatas. Nice necklace and nice freckles. You are adorable.

Happy HNT.


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