August 4, 2005

It's THAT day again!

Time to get NEKKID!!!! WHOOHOO!!!!

Anywho, I read on Lyvvies blog a tag called 56 questions. After reading some of the questions, it gave me the idea for today's HNT post. One of the questions was, "can you roll your tongue?". The answer is yes, but I think a better question is, can you touch your nose and/or your chin with your tongue????

Does that look gross????

Too damn bad, this is MY blog and if I want to post a pic of me licking boogers off my nose, I will!!!!

Christ on a bike!

Here's the other one:

Damn, that looks just as nasty!

Hells bells! I thought this would be
kind of an odd/interesting HNT post, and it just looks repulsive!

Tough shit people, it's all I got, so fucking get over it. Ewww .....

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday!


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