July 29, 2005

Better late than never, right?

Ok, so technically it's REALLY Friday morning. Really FUCKING early Friday morning at that!
I know that my HNT entry is just a bit late, but I had a really good reason damnit! Honest!
I was out house hunting. All day. Did you hear me? I said all MOTHERHUMPING DAY!!!! In the blistering heat (100+), with an "almost" 4 month old who's teething, and has the Diaper Rash from fucking HELL! I feel so bad for the poor lil monster, really I do. So basically, I came home, fed him, fed The Common Law, fed myself, talked to The Boy (he's still on vaca, lucky lil shit!), passed out on the couch. Pretty much in that order.
Don't like my reason? Like I really give a rat's ass!!!! *SUCK IT AND DEAL!!!!

Ok, so here I am:
Or I should say, here's my tattoo!

I got this done 16 (Christ, I am OLD!) years ago. It needs to be touched up as the black has faded to almost grey. As you can see, it a half moon. What you can't make out is the shit-eatin' grin on Mr. Moon's face! I asked for it that way, as this is a reflection of me.
Yes, this IS on my tata, my right one to be specific. I wanted it there so I could flash my tits and shoot the moon all in one fluid motion!

I always thought that I would get another tatoo, and I still might, i'm just not sure of what, or where. I'm a firm believer in having tattoos that mean something to the owner; not just a passing fad. I have had several ideas over the years, but none as strong as when I decided to get the moon.

So, there you have it. My story, my tat, and if you look close enough, some cleavage. Oh yeah, can't forget the bajillion freckles.

Now wasn't that worth the wait???????
"Oh yes Mistress Blaze, that shit sooooo ROCKS my world!" (preferred answer)
It's ok to admit it, everybody already knows it.

*SUCK IT AND DEAL shamelessly stolen from The Queen herself, QoP


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