June 15, 2005

Equal in the eyes of the media??? I Think NOT

Television at 2am sucks. It sucks balls. Donkey balls to be exact. I know this because I watch television EVERY night (morning?) at 2am. I usually end up watching Sports Center because every other channel has infomercials. After awhile, you get tired of seeing Ron Popeil, Tony Little, and Vanessa Williams trying to get your 3 payments of $39.99 + shipping and handling for shit that: a). doesn't work the way the infomercial says it will, b). collects dust, c). makes your skin worse than it was. Ok, so I've watched the infomercial for the Grip-n-Flip and Scoop-n-Strain and I now want these handy kitchen items. Why? Because they sound like some kind of kinky sex toys.

Where was I going with this post? Oh yeah, suck-ass television. Well, somewhere between 2am and 3am, I saw a commercial for the "exclusive" interview with the Runaway Bride. Holy fuckamoly, WHY IS THIS WOMAN STILL IN THE NEWS?????????????
A few days ago, I read 2 fantastic posts from Megarita and Alley Rat about missing people you've never heard of. Why haven't we heard of them? Because they aren't the right color, or in the proper socio-economic circle. Who knows. I'm sure the reasons for NOT hearing about them are many, but I highly doubt if any of them are justified. It's not only women and girls either, there are men and boys who go missing as well, but once again, they aren't white, middle class, all-americans, so who cares???

I care.

Instead of hearing about the men, women and children who go missing everyday, the media jerkoffs at NBC decided that we needed to see more about a woman who got cold feet and took off with nary a thought for anyone but herself. When Ms. Wilbanks was found and confronted with all the fuss that SHE CREATED, she said she was abducted and sexually assaulted. She lied. I suppose I should feel better that she pleaded no contest to a felony charge of faking her own abduction. But I don't. I can't find it in me to sympathize with a woman that claims she suffers some "mysterious" mental condition and was "running away" from herself. Maybe she does have a mental condition. I really don't care. The fact that this mentally "frail" woman is the focus of a Primetime show, AND just signed a 6 figure book deal has launched her to the top of my "What a waste of perfectly good flesh" list. This woman is famous, and stands to make a good deal of money for being an irresponsible, self-centered liar. All the media coverage you are receiving is not entirely your fault Ms. Wilbanks, but you DO have the power to stop it. Your 15 minutes are up. Take responsibility for your actions and disappear.
Maybe then the media will pay more attention to the real men, women and children who need it. But I doubt it.

*A special thank you to Buffalo for pointing me in the direction of Megarita and Alley Rat.


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