June 9, 2005

I like Sex and Candy

Sex and Chocolate ..... Mmmmmm ...... *sigh*
That's not what this post is about, but that's what's on my mind.

January 1987.
One of the local volunteer fire departments that my Dad had previously been a member of was holding their annual Installation Dinner and my Dad, being made an honorary Life Member, was invited to attend. At the time, he wasn't dating anyone special, so he asked me if I would be his "date". Being the sweet dutiful daughter I am, agreed. Besides, where else could I get steak & lobster and all the free booze I could drink??? Oh yeah, I got to dance my sweet lil ass off! I know that the sight of my ass swaying back and forth, and my ample tits bouncing around was what first drew Paul's attention. ( *Side note: The Common Law's name is also Paul, but they are not the same person*) I know this, because he told me so. According to him, he fell right then and there. Me? I was hellbent on getting as much alcohol into my bloodstream as I could, so I didn't notice him so much. Besides, I was already dating someone, so finding a man was not high on my priority list. During dinner, he was seated at a table not too far from ours, and I noticed him staring at me. So after all the speeches were done, I siddled up next to him at the bar and started chatting him up. I may not have been looking for a man, but i'll chat them up and flirt with them every chance I get. Let me tell you, upon closer inspection, this was one fine looking man! Totally my type too. 6'5", strong hands (yes, I have a hand fetish), squared jawline, butt chin, .... yum! Then he spoke. Holy shit, the man has a deep baritone voice to go with these hotter than fucking hell looks! I think I creamed myself right then and there. He has these piercing dark blue eyes that he never once took off me. Yes, he undressed me and had his way with me mentally. I know, I could see it. And I asked. I may have been dumbfounded for a minute or two, but I recovered and became my flirty, chatty self. We spent the rest of the night dancing, chatting and drinking. Unfortunately, he had to be up early the next morning for work, so we weren't able to go someplace more intimate. Probably a good thing too. He asked for my number, I told him I was seeing someone. He wanted the number anyway. Definitely my kind of man! I finally stumble my drunk ass home about 4am, fall into a blissful slumber dreaming of this incredibly sexy man and then .... HONK! HONK! HONK! What the fuck? I have been drinking all night, have one hell of a hangover going, and now some prick is sitting in my driveway honking his fucking horn? Oh no, this will not do, this shit for brains needs to be taught some manners! So I trudge out in the motherhumping cold and snow to rip this guy a new asshole, and who is it? Yep, it's Paul. Turns out, he's a Paramedic, and my brother is his partner. He knew the entire night who I was, but never said anything. Shithead. He wanted to "surprise" me. Oh yeah, seeing the guy I wanted to rape lastnight at 6am when I'm hungover and looking like hell because I was too drunk to wash off my makeup when I stumbled home at 4am is just the "surprise" I always wanted! Shithead. He called me later that night and we had our first "date" the next night. Met on Saturday, wanted to kill him on Sunday, went to dinner and movies on Monday. Guy I was dating? History. After that, we spent pretty much everyday together for the next 4 years, having the usual ups and downs of couples. However, after 4 years, people were wondering if either one of us was ever going to seriously commit to our relationship. We had talked about marriage, but things in both our lives were still a bit shaky. Things got bad between us, and we split up for a bit. He started seeing someone, and so did I. After about 5 months, we decided we loved eachother too much. We got back together and took a trip to North Carolina. We both fell in love all over again, and upon our return, promptly got engaged. He was starting school in January, so we decided to postpone the wedding till he finished. No problem, that gave me a full year to plan, and plan I did! During this time, my best friend Colleen started calling Paul wanting to hang out. I told him I had no problem with him going out and doing things with her from time to time seeing as how I was working so much. Mistake #1. Time to time became daily, but I didn't find that out till much later. Paul finished school, landed a good job, the wedding was only 3 months away, things were FABULOUS! Then he dropped the bomb. He said we should postpone the wedding for another year so he can get a better job. I was devastated. Things between us were very strained, but we managed to stay together. I was still working 2 jobs, and one morning, after working a 3pm-11pm and then a 12am-8am, I decided to stop off at Colleens on my way home to see if she wanted to go to breakfast. Imagine my surprise when I see Paul's car in the lot. My senses are a bit dull from pulling a double shift, so no red flags went up. Mistake #2. Imagine my reaction when she answers the door in the skimpiest of lingerie, and he's lying on the living room floor half naked. Yep, I lost my mind. I don't remember a whole lot after that because I had murder on my mind. His and hers. It got beyond ugly. We were done. I did the mature, adult thing and went on a bender. How I kept my jobs, I have no clue. That entire time is still a blur to me. I do know that somewhere in that time, I met this really cute guy from Canada and proceeded to fuck him every which way I knew how; and even some I didn't! Oh yeah, drowning my pain in alcohol and meaningless sex was working for me! After about 6 months of drunken debauchery, Paul and I hashed out the whole sordid mess and yes, we got back together. Mistake #3. Paul had taken another job, and his work schedule was pretty erratic. He asked me to marry him again, and I said yes, again. Began planning wedding #2. Somewhere about April, he started getting phone calls from a girl named Tammy. I asked him who she was, and he said she was a firefighter he'd met in one his officer training classes. This time, my spidey senses went bezerk. I told him that I didn't appreciate her calling the house, sending cards, and all the other bullshit she was doing. He told me that nothing was going on. Come June, we went away to the State Fire Chiefs Convention because, in addition to being a cop, my man was also an assistant fire chief of the volunteer fire department I spoke of earlier. Guess who shows up? Yep, Tammy. So what does my sweet fiancee do? Yep, asks her to stay with us in our room. Can you say hell broke loose???? It got ugly. Again. He kept swearing that nothing was going on, and I had no evidence of infidelity, but I knew. About a month later, he comes to me and tells me that we need to talk.
Tammy's pregnant.
It's his.
He married her the following year, and they are still together.

They say you never forget your first love ......


At 6/9/05, 6:56 PM , Blogger As always... Rachael said...

OMG - how terrible! I hope he cheats on her complulsively and she cries herself to sleep every night... bitch!

Good story though! (Does that help, like AT ALL!)

We're going to be wonderful blog-buddies!


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