May 4, 2007

nothing .....

~ If you were a church-going type person, would you attend one named "Souls Harvest" ?????
Me neither.

~ Would you find it difficult to see a long-haired red-head in a black mustang convertible?
Me neither.
Yet, I have been cut off and run off the road more times than I care to count.
The latest, yesterday, was too close for comfort.

~ Why doesn't The Boy "get" that his schoolwork is TOP PRIORITY and that a failing grade will bring about his ruination?
I have no answer.

~ Why do I suddenly have these nasty lil stray hairs jutting out of my chin?
I'm only 38, I shouldn't have granny hairs till i'm a fucking granny!

That's all I've got.
I suck.


At 5/4/07, 11:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

My eyes! My eyes!


We're all human. Things happen to us.

But for the love of #%$ please don't spoil your readers mental image of you. Now and forever more instead of picturing you as I did until two minutes ago, I'll recall this line:
"nasty lil stray hairs jutting out of my chin"

Make it stop!


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