June 21, 2007

My day ...

When I awake in the morning, usually somewhere around 5:30, I stumble forth to the kitchen and pour myself a nice hot cup-o-coffee.
I don't set it up before I go to bed, but *TCL is usually up around 4 or so, and he makes it for us.
I look out my front window at the darkness that is still enveloping my little corner of the world.
So quiet, so still.
Too early even for the horses to come out.

Then I wander over to the couch and sit.
I watch Sports Center.
I cuddle with Poot.
Then, all too soon, it's time to get up and get ready for work.

For my drive in to the office, I have a choice of which road to take.
The first is to back out of my driveway and point my Pony to the left.
This will take to the main highway that is already congested with others who
need to get to wherever it is they're going, and usually in a hurry.
The speed limit is much faster, but there are traffic signals, semi-trucks, and
fucktards who just don't know how to drive.
So not the way I like to start my mornings.
The second is to back out of my driveway and point my Pony to the right.
This takes me to the back road that runs alongside Lake Toho.
The speed limit is much slower, as is the traffic, but the view?
Seeing the first rays of the day as the sun rises up over the lake is so soothing.
There's usually a few people out strolling along the footpath with their dogs, taking a leisurely bike ride or having an early morning run.
These people fascinate me as I can barely manage to drag my sorry butt to work
let alone exercise!
Driving around the lake reminds me so very much of my younger days growing up on the banks
of the Niagara River.
Granted, the lake doesn't have the waterflow of the river, but so many things are similar.

I long ago decided that I am one of those people who NEEDS to live close to fresh water.
I'd prefer to step out my back door to a nice lake or river, but i'll take what I can get.
As much as I love water, i'm not a big fan of the ocean.
I do like to go every now & again, but in general, not so much.

After a nice, casual drive in, I am ready to unlock the doors to the office and start my
work day.



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