May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

"I would not think that any sane man would want for war. There is no land that is worth the price of life. There is no amount of gold, nor of silver, nor diamonds, nor any physical treasure worth the price of life. I can not fathom the evil that causes man to take the life of their fellow man in pursuit of things not their own. There is no meaning in the sacrifice of life in the pursuit of these things. And there is no meaning in the sacrifice of life to defend these things. I can not imagine the desire of any man to to take up arms for this meaningless exchange. No, it is not the sane man that wants for war.


But there are times when war is the only thing left that can defend against those that are evil in our midst. Those that would send forth others in terror and aggression, cloaked in the lies and threats that only the evil can create, to enslave and take the lives of the innocent for their shallow desires. There are times when war becomes necessary. There are times when nation-states must enter into mortal conflict. Times when they must issue a call to arms to its people to defend the lives of the innocent, or fight for their freedom. These are the only times when war might have any meaning.

I am not so naive to believe that all the leaders of any nation-state that issues this call to arms, including America, are ever so completely noble as this. Evil is not contained by the borders of any nation-state. Evil is not contained within any nationality, or race, or class of people.For each of the American calls to arms there are some that have been made with noble intent, and some that have not. History and time have and will make those judgments.

But for each of these calls to arms there are American men and women that have left their homes, families, and peace to endure the hardships and horrors of war, spilling blood on a land not their own, to defend the innocent and fight for their freedom, and in doing so, ensured the ongoing freedom of the American people.


They did not want for war, but entered into it nonetheless. Ordinary people that exhibited extraordinary courage and valor when called to do so. They were of the American people, sent by the American people, entering into war for the American people. And many sacrificed their lives for the defense of the innocent, sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others, sacrificed their lives for their brothers and sisters in arms. They sacrificed their lives so that others might live.

And on this Memorial Day, I offer my deep gratitude to these American men and women. Those that went to war in noble pursuit when America called. Those that gave their service and their lives that I might have life and freedom and have it to the full.

Unknown U.S. Soldier

To each and every one of these American veterans this Memorial Day, thank you."

- Jason Adam Young

I couldn't have written it any better myself.

Thank you .......


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