May 16, 2007

Explain it to me like i'm a 5 year old ...

Can someone please explain to me how it is that the parents of a MISSING 4 year old who was left alone, in a HOTEL while her parents went to a restaurant "just down the street" aren't in JAIL????

I have been trying for over a week now to wrap my mind around this, but can't.

Madeline McCann was abducted from her parents hotel room on May 3rd.
The parents, Gerry & Kate McCann, made a command decision to leave Madeleine and two-year old twins Sean and Amelie sleeping in the apartment room even though the resort offered babysitting services.

What parent in their right FUCKING MIND does that?

The BBC is praising the parents for the way in which they are handling the media attention.

These two should be in JAIL! They knowingly left 3 children to fend for themselves.
The parents SHOULD have been there to protect them.
Instead, one is missing.

Please don't misunderstand, I hope that Maddie is found safe ... and soon.
I also understand that right now, the top priority IS finding her.
But I have to wonder why the parents are NOT being held accountable for their actions.
I've seen kids get pulled from their parents for lesser infractions.

Where's the outrage?

Is it because these parents are affluent?
Is this another case of money being able to "afford" privileges that us lower class working stiffs can't?

Am I wrong in my assessment of the situation?


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