May 24, 2007

Magical, mystical muses ....

Growing up, I always felt fortunate to live as close as I did to Niagara Falls.

It truly is one of the most magical and mystical places I have ever been to.

When I got my drivers license and my own car, I used to drive to The Falls on a regular basis and stand at the rail and watch the water go over.
Mesmerized by the fluidity yet overcome by the thunderous sound of the water cascading and crashing on the rocks below.

It's raw and powerful.
Nature at it's breathtakingly crushing beauty.

Going there always made me feel more at peace within myself.
It still does.

If I close my eyes, I can hear the water rushing, crashing, smashing, swirling, twirling!

In this picture, that little scrap of "land" you see jutting out in the distance is part of Goat Island.
It is my favorite spot to go and look at The Falls.
You can almost reach out and dip your hand in the cool waters of the mighty Niagara River as it makes it's way over the crest.
Of course, on the right, across the gap, are my Canadian friends.
Yes, I adore Canada!

Growing up on the border, going to Canada wasn't a big deal.
It saddens me that things are no longer that way ....

Here's a fabulous aerial view of The Falls, and all it's thundering glory.
If you look at the lower right of the picture, that's the Maid of The Mist boat that takes you on an up close and personal view of the Horseshoe and American Falls.
Believe me, the ponchos they give you don't really do much to keep you dry, but they sure do make one hell of a souvenir!

On my many trips to The Falls, sometimes I would just stare at the water, other times I brought my camera, but mostly .... I wrote.
I wrote poems, stories, my thoughts.
The sights and sounds of The Falls helped clear away the mental muck.
Which of course, freed me to write about all sorts of things.
I have since lost most of what I've written as I have moved many times.
I hope to one day feel the kind of inspiration to write that The Falls always provided for me.

One last view ......

Night time.

My magical, mystical muse .....
..... how I miss you

Honestly, if any of y'all ever have an opportunity see The Falls, do it.
You won't be disappointed.


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