August 28, 2007

I don't wanna grow up ....

Yes folks, today I turn 28 ........ for the 11th time.
(39 for those of you not so good with the math)

And now, BECAUSE it's my Party (and i'll cry if I want to, or just be more of an obnoxious bitch), here's a little game for y'all. There are no prizes for answering correctly, just the inner joy of knowing that your eyesight is better than everyone else's.
Besides, it's MY party, and the only one getting presents around this joint is ME!
(yeah, i'm being a selfish bitch today)
I mean, if I HAVE to turn 39, then I should get ALL THE PRESENTS, right?
Anyway ...... Good luck, have fun, and smile for fuck's sake ..... IT'S A PARTY!!!!!

Now, where's the Cap'n???????
(Morgan that is)


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