September 22, 2007

Hello ?????

Is anyone still visiting here?

I know i've been away for a bit ...... sorry.
So ..... how have y'all been?
Well ..... grab a drink, light a smoke and i'll fill you in on the joy that IS my life.

Joey Buttfucker (my boss), has cut my hours.
Buttfucker won't lay me off so I can collect unemployment, but he WILL
cut my hours AND expect me to cram 40 hours worth of work into 20.
So, um ....... yeah. In my opinion, he can CRAM his crap-ass AC AND his crap-ass, fucktarded job right up his short, troll ASS!
I'm a bit pissed off still ..... can you tell?!
I HATE job hunting!
The job market right now sucks balls, and again, I HATE JOB HUNTING!
I've also been reconsidering going back to school and getting my Medical Assistant certification and going back to work in the health industry.
The money's decent, and at least the medical field is ALWAYS looking for good people.
Besides, I'm good at it, and I do miss working with people.
I have a good deal of the training already, so most of it would be a refresher.
I'm just terrified of actually going back to school.
Yes .... I am terrified.

On another note, The Boy went to his first school dance on Friday night and spent the majority of the night on the dance floor, surrounded by a gaggle of giggling girls.When I asked him why he didn't spend more time hangin' with his boys, you want to know what his answer was to me?
"They're an embarrassment to me Mom! They act stupid around the girls."
That's my boy.
He totally got his schmooooove on.
You'd think i'd want to be the little bitches, er, I mean, young ladies, off of my baby with a stick, but ....... well, there will be plenty of time for that.
Right now, i'm just basking in the joy of watching my baby grow into a confident, secure and outgoing young man.
How long that will last? Who knows.
I just know that the changes come fast and furious in the next few years.

What else?
Not much really.
I lead a boring life.


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