October 4, 2007

Does anyone really give a shit????

Honestly ?????
Because I no longer do.
I am still job searching, but that is an entire post all it's own.
I may write about it all, I may not.
As I said, I just don't give a shit, or a fuck, or anything else for that matter.

On top of the oh-so-fantastical job search, I made the mistake of actually stepping on a scale today.
Yeah ...... that's what I keep telling myself ........... WHY???????
For the love Little Debbies, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT???????
I think some part, waaaaaaaay deep down was just in that masochistic mood.
So now I feel even shittier than I already did.
Ok, so MAYBE the nightly ice creams didn't help (don't judge me ..... it was a REALLY FUCKING hot summer!), but HOLY FUCKING HELL!
I saw the number on the scale and had to run out of the store before I broke down right there. Of course, the first thing I wanted was chocolate (it always makes me feel better), but I resisted.

So .... I have now decided to go back into diet mode.
Which means i'll be even more sunshine and light than I normally am.
Which, is not such a big deal for Y'ALL ...... but the troglodytes that live here with me?
Oh yeah .... they'll be trying to entice me with ice cream, donuts and all manner of "NO-NO" food before the week ends. Guaranfuckingteed.

Anywho, that's the update in my little corner of hell.
Please tell me that y'all have a life that is way more exciting.
If not, send rum.


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