October 20, 2008

Open letter to Aunt Flo

Dear Aunt Flo,

First, may I just say that you are one bitch of a cunt.
Having said THAT ....
Thankseversomuch for awakening me at 4:00am with
the lovely stabbing sensation in my already aching back.
Nice touch.
Oh, and having to strip my bed?
Equally as thrilling.

Why do you no longer give me warning of your impending arrival?
Why do you stay much longer than you need to?
Why do you make me bleed so much that I feel like a dying animal?

Could you do me a favor?
Not just for a month or two.

I don't need you anymore.
I don't want you anymore.
I'll take hot the hot flashes and night sweats that I also get now over you any damn day of the month.

So, um .... can you do me that favor?



At 10/20/08, 8:40 PM , Blogger A.B. said...

be careful what you wish for...... Aunt Flo delivers that all soooooo necessary estrogen/etc that when is gone...... you'll be wishing you had.

That said, Uff-da, sorry for the bed.



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