August 21, 2008

The final countdown ....

So ........

What do you do when you're about to turn 40?
Buy a flashy sports car?
Go on a week-long bender?
Take a trip to the Greek Isles and swim naked in the Mediterranean?

I pack up my my kids and drive 1200 miles away from the place i've called "home" for the last decade.
I moved back north.
Certifiable .... NO DOUBT!
I'm sure you will ALL hear my bitching come winter time.

For many reasons, I felt the need to come back.
Don't get me wrong, this place isn't without it's faults, but ......
I needed to make this change.

So ..... here I am.
In the "great white north", preparing for the cold days ahead, and yes, contemplating the coming of yet another year of my existence.

*sigh* .......


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