July 7, 2008


I have toyed with the idea of changing my blog many times over the past 3 years.
But .........
I have too much of ME invested here in 'hell', and my name ...
well, I've been carrying that name around for a very long time, and it is VERY much

But ..... it's time.
Somethings need to be left behind in order to move forward.

Blazngfyre has burned out.
She needs to rest.
But, I am not leaving completely, and i'm certainly not
leaving 'hell'.

I have been patient.

Finally ....

I have found her:

The Scarlet Witch.

Basically, a troubled heroine who sometimes goes crazy and makes things in her life worse.

Sounds about right.
And frankly Rhett ..... I don't give a damn!


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