June 11, 2008

One step forward ....

.... two steps back.

That's how my life is at the moment.
Some days are better than others, to the point where I feel
like, "maybe today is the day it finally breaks" and I get my life back.
But, inevitably, the psycho carousel starts up again.

My family calls me "Wally" .... because I can't walk anywhere without
holding onto the walls. Or the table, chairs, appliances, etc.
I am doing exercises to "re-train" my brain, and it does seem to help,
but I'm still frustrated by this whole thing.
I am able to at least sit at the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time.
I even drove a bit yesterday.
Today I'm not so lucky.
The tinnitus in my right ear is maddening today, and i'm tired as hell.
I have a major case of 'brain drain', and forget more and more shit daily.

I still have no answers, and neither do the doctors.
From all the research I have done, and believe me, it's been A LOT.
For most people, this does clear up, but for some, it doesn't.
I'm not sure where I fit in yet as it's only been a little over a month.

This is how everything feels to me:


Isn't it annoying????

I'll never look at a carousel the same way again.


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