December 5, 2008

The perfect Gift ....

Good Friday morning all!
Fuck that .... it's cold and i'm tired.
Thank fucking GOD it's Friday!

Since this is December, and Christmas, that mothering bitch of ALL holidays is only 20 more days away, I figured i'd compile a bit of a Christmas list.
Remember, this IS a wish list ....

A man who calls be beautiful instead of hot
A man who calls me for no reason except to say, "I was thinking of you"
A man who stays awake to watch ME sleep
A man who kisses my forehead
A man who wants to show me to the world
A man who holds my hand in front of his friends and family
A man who thinks i'm still beautiful without makeup
A man who isn't afraid to show me how much he cares about me
A man who isn't afraid to let me help
A man who never lets me forget how lucky he is to have found me
A man who values my opinion, but doesn't necessarily share it

Now honestly ... that's not asking too much, is it?


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