January 19, 2009

Heat, murder & insanity (mine)

So .... after digging through a MOUNTAIN of shit .... I was able to get to back to the frozen pipe.
After moving said mountain of shit into the middle of the garage (or as close to it as possible) I was able to put a couple of space heaters on the iced pipe to unfreeze it.
About an hour later, I heard the unmistakable sound of water *whooshing* (technical term, BTW)
through the pipes bringing HEAT to my 2nd floor and warming these old bones.

For the animal rights people who read me, you may want to skip over the next part.

I am a mighty warrior huntress!
I killed 2 little mice with (apparently) BIG BALLS.
Fuckers ran over my foot!
Oh no you did NOT!
You did ..... and now you must die.
I left their dead carcasses for the rest of the rodents to see that I don't play.
I see you, I will hunt you and KILL YOU!

I started class on Sunday.
I am re-certifying my EMT. (Emergency Medical Technician)
Why? Good question.
I have no intention of working in the field again.
I DO have a plan though .... I want to be an instructor.
The only way I can be is to be current in at LEAST my EMT.
So many things have changed!
I AM happy that I can now do CPR while "Staying Alive" plays in my head!
Apparently, the beat of that song is PERFECT for doing chest compressions.

That's about all in MY corner of hell .... for today anyway.

Oh! It's snowing again.
Wheeee .......


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