December 29, 2008

Honest Scrap or ....

Honest Crap?

Does it even matter?

Well, since Walker knows how much I ADORE this kind of shit (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm), I figured I would take this opportunity to do it and get it the fuck out of my way.

Here's How It works:

A. List 10 honest things about myself (TRUE and interesting things - not just the color of yours socks!)

B. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers.

If nothing else, it could be interesting .....

1. I have always been fascinated/in love with the moon. Which of course, explains my moon tattoo, and the fact that I too wanted to be an astronaut. Only, I just wanted to go to the moon.

2. I have been called fearless, and I'm not. I'm really just a big 'ol chicken shit at heart.

3. I honestly and firmly believe that we are NOT all meant to be with our soulmate and that some of us are meant to walk through this world alone.

4. In contrast, I am also a die-hard romantic who refuses to give up on love.
(Confused? Try living in MY head!)

5. I was raped at a party when I was 13. I was too drunk and stoned to know it. I was so mortified that I never told anyone.

6. I played a Princess at a local theme park and spent most of my days entertaining the little kids drunk. Management never knew, and all the parents loved me!

7. I still have all my old love letters, cards and pictures from my ex-fiancee ...... but no one else.

8. I am terrified that my niece will walk down the same path as I did ...... and she deserves so much better.

9. I love shopping at thrift and second hand stores

10. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up ..... and I'm 40.

Nothing earth shaking ..... but a few more nuggets of me and my insane, too caught up in my own head space life. lol

Now ..... the 7 lucky souls ....

Hmm ..... no offense, but do 7 people even READ my shit?
I'll do as best I can ....

A. Boxer, Inc.

aw fuck it ..... whoever wants to do it, do it!


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