August 11, 2009


Generally speaking, i'm not a big fan of holidays.
Never have been.
I know some women who not only expect, but demand gifts for
every stupid holiday that exists.
I even know a few that had better receive REALLY expensive presents
or the hounds of hell will be unleashed.
I am not, nor have I ever been one of those women.

I'm not really a fan ..... but the kids LOVE it.
So, I go along with it and yeah, I LOVE buying presents for them and seeing
their adorable little faces when they get something really cool that they may not have
even thought they wanted.

Valentines day?
Um .... it's not a holiday.
It doesn't count.

The others? Pfft!

Ok, there are 2 holidays that I like, one's an actual holiday and the other should be.
Halloween (NOT a holiday) and Thanksgiving.
Oh, there are 2 more days of the year that mean more to me than even Halloween.
The Boys birthday.
Lil Man's birthday.
Actually, all the birthdays of my friends, family and those that I love.
To me, birthdays should be holidays.
It's the celebration of the creation of all the wonderful people in our lives.

Did I mention that I have one coming up?
I do.
I turn 28 ..... again. l
Ok .... 41.

So far, I am loving my 40's.
Well, except for a few things.
Like mammograms.
You know, it had to have been a man that invented the torture device known as the mammogram machine.
Sadistic bastard.
I would just like him to put his balls on there and get squished from all sides till it resembles a furry pancake.
You know, to make sure there's no tumors or odd lumps.

Anyway, mark your calendars kids ..... Aug 28th.
Vodka and rum are quite acceptable.

Now, If y'all will excuse me, I have to finish packing the shag van.
Me & the boys are headed off for 2 weeks into the great unknown.
There will be much laughter, some yelling, a little drinking and a fuck ton of fun!
I will have my laptop with me, so I will write a post from the road.
Sorry Heff, no risque pics or videos.
Think of the children.


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