July 17, 2009

Bitch fit

Things happen in our lives that are completely out of our control.
All we can do is sit and wait.
And wait.
And wait.

I'm not so good at the waiting part.
I am getting better.
I am a work in progress.

But some days?
Not so much.

Today is one of those days.
I'm frustrated by the red tape.
I'm angry that I can't just live MY life.

The reward far outweighs the blocks in my path.
So I continue forward.
I do what is asked.
And in the end, I will have what I want.

So I will sit.
And I will wait.
I don't have to like it.
Not one little bit.



At 7/21/09, 10:18 AM , Blogger Heff said...

Have No Idea what you're talking about, yet AGREE WITH YOU.


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