June 21, 2009

Father's Day

So .... we're sitting around the table listening to the rain pour from the sky, it's been raining all day, and the only real work we've done all day is lift glass after glass (or bottle) of cool, liquid beverage ... of the alcoholic kind.
The boys had their beers, my SIL & I had another bucket of vodkaritas.
Which, by the way, we killed off.
So, as we're sitting outside under the tarp playing cards,
I mention that the last hand was a real ball sucker of a hand.
My Dad (god love him) looks me in the eye and says,
"hell, there's nothing wrong with a good ball sucking."
ME: "Gee Dad, I didn't realize YOU enjoyed sucking on balls."
DAD: "Oh hell yeah ... feels good"*

That was WAY more information than I ever wanted to know.

Happy Father's Day Dad .... may you have many more years of ball sucking!

*(yes, he was WAY drunk and had NO IDEA what he was actually saying)



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