June 18, 2009

Attitude adjustment

So .... I get a call from Lil Man's school about a week ago.
Seems he was in a "mood".
He was calling all the teachers and administration "little bastards".
They think he's a behavior problem.
I think he just calls it the way he sees it.

I don't know where he gets it from ....

OH! I have a new picture of him ... wanna see?



At 6/18/09, 6:49 PM , Blogger Heff said...

I know NOTHING about "Little Man", but Animal is ONE HELL of a drummer !

At 6/18/09, 11:07 PM , Blogger BlazngScarlet said...

If you saw my Lil Man, you wouldn't really be able to see any difference!
He plays drums much the same way.


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