May 26, 2009

Creamy balls and Bar Brawls ....

Ahhh .... Memorial Day Weekend.
The official start to the summer for me and my family.
We spend the long weekend down in the Southern Tier of Western NY.
It's beautiful country.
I'd show y'all pictures, but guess who forgot her camera?
Yeah ... that would be me.
I'm a freakin genius that way.

So Friday, before I can even get to the start of my long weekend,
I have to contend with work.
Normally, I love my job.
Friday? Yeah .... it was a baaaaaad day.
I had naked kids and piss to contend with (a whole other post).
Leave work, pick up Lil Man from daycare.
Get home, pack the rest of mine & the boys crap in the Shag van
and then wait.
And wait.
I had to wait for my SIL to finish packing her little red school bus.
Between us, we're hauling 6 kids, clothes, electronic equipment, one BIG
dog (Marmaduke type) and all the food.
Oh, did I mention the BUCKET of margarita mix AND the big ass bottle of vodka?
Had those too.
Yeah yeah .... margaritas are made with Tequila.
Not BlazngScarlets way .... I make Vodkaritas.
Gotta have some sanity.
My oldest niece, Princess B, decides she wants to ride with me.
I'm the cool aunt with the the kick ass music.
Yeah ..... I can still kick it.
Her sister, my darling Bana Boo decides SHE must also ride with me.
Mind you, I have my boys too.
Get Lil Man and Boy Genius all situated in the Shag van and away we go!
Again, I wish I had pictures of the countryside as it truly IS spectacular.
Next time.
Arrive at the campsite, unload the vehicles and my first order of business?
You guessed it .... Vodkaritas.
Add twice the amount of alcohol, stir, jam in the freezer and VOILA!
Perfectly lovely slushy drinks the next day for the 2 lushes.
OH! Did I mention the monster marshmallows?

OMFG! I found these in the store while shopping for regular smore supplies .... and I HAD to have them!

The picture doesn't do them justice ....
they're fucking GINORMOUS!

Pink & white. The pink ones are strawberry flavored, and not icky strawberry flavored ... YUMMY, REAL strawberry flavored!
So um, yeah .... make a smore with one of the ginormous strawberry flavored marshmallows using dark chocolate squares and what do you get?

I haven't wrapped my lips around something so damn sweet and luscious in .... well, far too damn long that's for sure!
Sweet Jesus .... I had a mouth orgasm eating the damn smore!
I wasn't the only one either.
I looked at my SIL face and Princess B's.
Oh yeah ....
Where was I again?
Oh yeah ...
The next day, SIL & I head out to "town" to visit an Amish nursery we passed along the way
and see what their plants looked like.
When we get there, we notice that they also have a general store .... sweet!
Look at all the plants, she picks out some flowers and I pick my herbs.
Put the plants in the Lil red school bus and head into the General Store.
Holy Little House on the Prairie!
I could have easily played the part of Lil Bit ... I just needed to put my hair in
All sorts of organic dried goods, spices and baking supplies.
Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to bake.
Geez ... all you have to do is look at my ass you'd know.
I digress.
picked up a few items, went back to camp and got our first (of many)
glasses of Vodkaritas.
They were perfectly divine.
It was hot and sunny, and the drink was cool and slushy.
I settled in the chaise and did something I don't normally have time to do at home ....
It was bliss!
The kids were all doing their thing and even Lil Man was busy.
Too soon though, it was time to start the Creamy Balls.
Bag of pre-made meatballs mixed with Cream of mushroom soup with a few
extra "special" spices thrown in.
Sounds delish right?
Mmmm ..... I loves me some creamy balls.
Hot and steaming.
I also tossed a salad and roasted weenies too.
Now, as you can imagine with a bunch of degenerate folk such as myself, add alcohol and the
conversation about the evening meal deteriorated rather quickly.
Nothing like creamy balls and weenies while I toss everyones salad
Enjoy THAT visual Heff! I told you I would add more porn .... just for you.
I wanted pics ... but as we've already read, I am a freakin genius.

The following day, some other friends of ours show up to party it up.
I'm not worried .... we have LOTS of Vodkaritas left still.
AND even if we did run out, there's always more vodka, smirnoffs and beer.
ALWAYS beer.
We women folk decide to leave the creamy ball and weenie set at the camp while we climbed
aboard the four wheelers and had ourselves a quad ride the woods.
Everything was going nicely, we were having an awesome ride till the muddy ravine.
My wheeler slipped back and when I jammed on the gas to power up and out, I caught the
left side on a tree.
I flew up, hit god only knows what, but saw stars for a minute as I tasted the blood in my mouth.
I tore open my right ankle on the foot pedal, jammed my left hand and sprained it,
bruised my other leg from hitting the handle bars, twisted my neck and back and oh yeah ....
I look like I was in a bar brawl.

I have this nasty looking bruise on my right lip and chin.
It looks like someone clocked me a good one.
I even managed a bruise on the inside of my lip.
Aren't I just gorgeous?!

Ah yes ... the grace of dancer have I!

Came back from the ride, hurt like hell and proceeded to drink.
And drink more. We finished the bucket. Started on on Smirnoffs.
Passed out ??????
I haven't a clue what time it was.
I just know that we had left over creamy balls .... and damn, they were even better the second time around.
Aren't they always?!


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