May 12, 2009


Every now and then ... we form an attachment that really doesn't make much sense.
Not to ourselves, and certainly not to anyone who "knows" us.
I had/have such an attachment.

Betty, in her youth, was sleek and sexy.
She prowled like a young lioness looking for her first kill.
We made quite a pair!
Two eager, energetic and vivacious broads zipping and dashing through life,
leaving lesser mortals to gawk.
But even as Betty aged, what she lost in looks she more than made up for in
I could always count on her, and man was she FAST!
Betty is/was a vivacious, fair topped little spitfire.
Sadly, I had to leave Betty.
She wouldn't have handled the harsh, cold winters here up north.
She deserves the warmth of the Florida sunshine.
It makes her sparkle like the diamond she is.

But .....
I miss her spirit.
I miss her openness.
I miss her soft, fair 'skin'.
I miss the way she handled.
I miss her.

Isn't she a stunner?
That is my Betty.
Well, she was MY Betty.
Her new owner has her looking every bit the sexpot, dontcha think?
Thank you for taking such good care of a grand old trampy lady.
This old trampy lady appreciates it very much.


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