June 26, 2009

Red Silk

I stand outside in the dark watching you through the glass door.
You’re completely unaware of my presence; I prefer to keep it that way.

I want to look at you as you are; all relaxed, with no inhibitions.

I watch you run your fingers along the edge of your wine glass absently while you disrobe.

This is the first time I've seen you naked and the sight of you brings a familiar ache to my loins.

My eyes take in the full length of you and I am breathless.

Settling my gaze on your large, luscious tits, I smile in anticipation of suckling those beautiful orbs.

The glass door is the only thing keeping me from running inside and throwing you down on the floor.

You walk over to the closet and remove the garments you have chosen for tonight’s festivities.

I should leave and keep it a surprise but I can't tear my eyes away from you.

You lay the clothes on the bed and stare out the door where I am standing; God I hope you don't see me standing here.

Still staring out the door, your hands move slowly across your throat and gently sweep down you your breasts.
You cup one, then the other, all the while, caressing and gently squeezing those large, round tits. Your hands move over your erect nipples and you pull on them, gently at first, then more forceful.
Throwing your head back a low moan escapes your lips at the pleasure this gives you.
With more ferocity, you squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples harder sending even more delicious shock waves coursing through you. A high pitched gasp escapes your lips as your right hand moves away from your breasts and travels down over your soft belly to the top of your freshly shaven mound.
Very softly, you pet the outside of your pussy, letting your fingers delicately touch the swollen lips.
You pass your fingers over your swollen clit.

From where I stand, I can see your juices starting to flow down your silky thighs.
I can feel my own body come alive with desire.
I want so bad to touch myself, but I resist.


Standing there, in front of the door, I watch your body come alive as you start to rock rhythmically to your touch.
Low, gentle moans become deeper and louder growls.
You move over to the bed and half lay down, half sit up. With pillows propped up behind you, you bring your knees up and spread them nice and wide. I can see your beautiful pink pussy, and all the wonderful juices of you flowing out of it. You rub your lips, and from time to time, stick part of a finger inside, just to tease. I watch as you spread your lips and find your swollen clit. You begin to rub .... circular movements at first, then up and down and back and forth. Faster and harder, then slow. Savoring the feel of the orgasm welling up inside of you.
Your other hand snakes down and you insert first one, then 2 fingers inside.
With your right hand, you continue to torment your clit. Working in perfect unison, your hands move in and out of your pussy.
I’m ready to burst from my own desire as I watch you fuck yourself into the orgasm that I know is coming.
Soon, your ass pushes up from the bed and I can hear you scream in delight as your hands are covered in your own hot, sweet juice. Your body writhes and trembles as your orgasm overtakes you.
I look at your face .....
Breathtakingly beautiful in its contorted, almost painful release.
As the waves of pleasure subside, you slow down your pace.
You remove your fingers from your dripping pussy and put them in your mouth. I watch as your tongue licks and your lips suck them clean, one at a time.
Rising from where you lay, you walk over to the other side of the bed to where you had set your clothes out earlier. Your hair is wild and your face glows with desire.
As you begin to dress, it occurs to me; you haven’t washed.

You’re leaving your juices on you, flowing down your soft thighs.

A smile spreads across my face but for my aching body it’s almost too much.

My desire for you is unbearable.

The throbbing in my own pussy is deliciously painful.

I tear my thoughts away from my ache as I watch you slip the red silk dress over your head and let it rest on your hips.

The dress shows off your curvaceous body wonderfully.

My smile deepens as I realize that the dress is all you’ll be wearing.

You look at the clock on the dresser, 7:15pm.

Your date isn’t due till 7:30pm.

You have a few minutes still, you close your eyes and let your hands travel over your silk covered tits.
Nipples hard, you open your eyes and glance at the clock; it’s almost 7:30pm.
You smooth out your dress, check your makeup, grab up your purse and head out.

I wrote this story a few years ago and recently showed it to a very good friend who made some wonderful suggestions and contributions. This story is as much his as it is mine. I would be remiss in NOT giving him the proper credit he is due.
Thank you Walker.


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